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YES is the number 1 choice for those looking to gain their Ski instructor certification in the no#1 resort in North America.

The YES difference is in the planning and the execution of our programs. YES is a professional Ski and Snowboard training company with 25+ years in the snow sports industry. When you book with YES you have the comfort of knowing that you have made a choice to Ski or Snowboard with the best Level 4 trainers, professional staff and a local Whistler business... YES we will actually welcome you into resort because we actually live here in Whistler... we are Canadian!

YES: often imitated, never equalled!

Our packages have been designed to ensure you have a hassle free stay. Each week you will watch your new ski or snowboard skills and style on the BIG screen at our weekly group apres. This is a great way to see your improvement from week to week, you can even show your jealous friends back home! We're here to show you the incredible changes each person can make when you have knowledgable and an experienced team working with you.

Our chalet accommodations are fully catered with daily breakfast and dinner. Live in staff ensure you're having a great experience and all your requirements are being addressed. 

There are no hidden fees. Exam fees are included becasue we know that we have the standard of training and instruction to get you over the line the first time! 100% pass rate.

We're very much a community and we want to make sure your time spent in Whistler is the best of your life. So join us this winter and become a stronger and more confident skier in powder, steeps, tree runs, backcountry and park terrain. Where others see obstacles, all we see is adventure! 

Just say YES.